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Default Trying to give the game a cel shading effect...
The Sims 2 seems to hate wrappers, and so I figure I'm gonna have to dig into the guts of the game to get such an effect...

In the Materials.package I noticed that there is actually a shader labeled
"# Cel Shaders" at the top, and then explains the effect I'm looking for...

I think I've found what I'm looking for, but I can't figure out how to enable it... If anyone have any useful information pertaining to this shader, and why it even exists despite neither having a Post-processing cheat, nor a use in-game, I would be most grateful...
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I know reshade has a cel shading setting, if you find out how to make it work please upload it as I would love to get a Sims cel shaded look!
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You will need to try to find shader for Sims and combine part of a code for cel-shaded together
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