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Default Modding the restorable car?
If it's possible, I'd like to make the junk car buyable on business lots, to be sold later when repaired. I've gotten as far as unlocking it in the catalogue (object data > raw data > community sort 128 from default 0). The car can now be placed down and fixed as usual, however the finished car (if on a driveway) will immediately disappear and begin looping driving down the road over and over. If not on a driveway, it will just never turn into the finished result. Is there any way around this?

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I've sold them on a home lot but have not tried a community lot. I would make them at home, place in inventory, go to the comm lot and place the finished car down with moveobjects onto some concrete, not on a driveway.

As a second thought, didn't sim wardrobe have a controller for having employees make over the junker car?

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Not sure, but I imagine it wouldn't help in any case. Sims can work on the car fine, it's what happens when finished that's the current problem. Something tells the game to either put it in driving mode (on a driveway) or stay incomplete (off driveway). It's not a huge deal, but I did reserve a room and a sim to be a mechanic on a car sales lot. If there's no workaround though, I'll just make the lot residential and run a home business instead of a community one.

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When your sim completes restoring the 'in progress' restorable car the car replaces itself with the ownable restored car and it does exactly what an ownable car should do at a community lot, it drives. When an ownable car first exists at a non-liveable lot it's setup to find and begin at the start portal assuming it is carrying the family. As it has not been assigned a purpose the zero purpose to do a drive past and since it's not a service vehicle it doesn't self delete when the drive past is complete so it does it again and again.
When an ownable car begins it's Main behave at a comm lot it checks if it should be On Display and goes into the display loop if it should but it never checks that again. To stop the problem it needs to be set up to pass the on display check immediately on creation. The little file linked to here would be a good starting place for you, it will create the car with it's for sale flags set (which is enough to be On Display) if the current lot is a community lot with an owned business.
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