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Default Can't make sense of how this texture is acting
I'm fiddling with the sea water right now. I just really want a mod that simply adjusts the colour of sea water on non-beach lots to be a little more similar to that on beach lots.
Problem is: Changing colour values in the material shader only gets the job half done. There is a reflection on that water that has the same bright blue tone to it, and I need to edit its texture image.

This texture image is acting weird as hell. I can't get a default replacement to work.

This is the normal reflection. When I extract and save the texture and leave it completely untouched, it doesn't distort:

This is what happens when I swap the image with my edited version. There's that weird square where it shows, but the rest is still the same old blue:

I thought maybe it's that I oversaw something and there are other resources I need to replace. But I pulled the same texture out of a mod that I downloaded and tried that out... and it covers everything just fine. I am so confused. It's the same texture, and only the texture, no material definition or different version of the shader or anything.

The problem with this one: It's distorted. It's more visible with my edited image, so have another screenshot. This is the exact same texture as in the second screenshot: same name, same instance. The only difference is that I pulled it out of said existing mod instead of getting it through the finder before importing my image.

What is up with this texture?? I've found several workarounds to avoid using it alltogether, but none of them look quite right. After all the hours I've spent on this already, I'd just really appreciate any help to make it work the way I wanted it.

One more piece of info because idk if it might be important:
This seems to be the sky texture. (Makes sense that sky and seawater reflection would share a texture, right?)
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