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MTS speed build challenge results - posted on 11th Nov 2018 at 4:38 PM
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Default Short Update -- Squeezekit's Birthday
Hi guys, I know it's been a while.

Buuut, just to tell y'all that I'm not dead, I decided to give you a special update following Squeezekit in one of the most important moments of his life!

Just so you know, I forgot to take some pictures, so I decided to exercise my creativity by using some of my very own illustrations to narrate rather than words! Hope you guys don't mind.

So, yeah. That's it for now. I'm sorry I haven't been posting lately, and I hope this makes up for it until I make my next proper post!

(ok i swear my actual art is much better than this plz dont take this seriously lol)
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Default Update #3 ~ StormClan

Lightningeye couldn't believe five moons had already passed.

...five moons since the disappearance of his brother.

He could still remember that string of painful events, clear as the cleanest stream in his head like they had only just occurred yesterday. Still mere apprentices, he and Goosepaw had decided to sneak out of camp in a secret little hunting patrol of their own, without any warriors to boss them around like usual. The plan had seemed foolproof at first-- foolish and young, they hadn't taken into account how confusing and labyrinth-esque it could be outside of camp when they didn't properly know their way around yet. It was only once Goosepaw had injured himself on a sharp stone in the bank that they realized they'd made a mistake in going out without any warriors to guide them.

They'd tried yowling for help, but to no avail. Night had fallen in the blink of an eye, and the two had no choice but to take refuge within the thick reeds of the swampland and wait. That was, until Lightningpaw awoke to the faint sound of his Clanmates calling for them in the distance. Overjoyed, he fled from his and his brother's hiding place to meet (the extremely furious and worried) Cloverleaf and Fleetstep. He was given a thorough scolding, but right away led them back to where he'd left Goosepaw instead of sulking under the sharp words of his mother and mentor.

However, when they'd gotten back to the place, they found that Goosepaw had vanished.

The Clan spent a good few days searching for him. With every day that passed, Lightningpaw couldn't help but feel sick to his stomach, self-blame washing over him like heavy rain. Was it his fault that Goosepaw was gone now?

Even when everyone had just about given up, including his mother, Lightningpaw refused to believe his one and only littermate was dead. He searched diligently, day and night, even when the warriors couldn't be bothered. One moon later, when Fleetstep and Reedsplash's kits were due for their apprentice ceremony, he was made a warrior by a sympathetic Sunkenstar, given the warrior name, 'Lightningeye.' It was almost like a cruel joke on everyone else's part, how they were all able to just cheer for him like as if everything was alright.

Like as if it didn't matter that his brother and closest friend since birth wasn't standing there next to him.

However, moons passed, and he was forced to let go. He had to suppress all of his anguish and desperation in favor of standing here now, bringing prey to the fresh-kill pile in heaps and sharing training stories with the youngest cats in the Clan. He had to pull his weight around here-- especially ever since Fleetstep had been lost to a flea-transmitted disease and Reedsplash had fallen into depression. There was no way to afford to continue grieving. Even Reedsplash would have to realize that soon, and start contributing to the Clan again.

Life had to move on, one way or another.

Even if it hurt, more than anything.



- The FleetReed litter have finally grown up and become apprentices! Thank Heavens, they can finally actually contribute to the fresh-kill pile, huzzah!

- Lightningpaw has been deemed fit to become a warrior, and is now named Lightningeye.

- Fleetstep was infected by a severe illness contracted by fleas (why must the random generators do this to meeee :"<) and Lilacpetal did not have the herbs to cure it within two days! Unfortunately, she has died, leaving her kits in mourning and mate in emotional shock. Reedsplash has lost all motivation to do any warrior duties, and Cloverleaf has stepped in to mentor Squeezepaw in his place.

- Although Goosepaw has been gone for moons, Lightningeye refuses to accept that he is dead. What could have happened to him, I wonder...?


oof, well, these cats sure have gotten into a lot of drama.

meanwhile, what's going on in rootclan? find out next time, on the Chronicles of StormClan and Rootclan! (too lazy to come up with a better name, meh)

anyways, doggo out. seeya next time.




Sunkenstar - Large, bulky tuxedo cat tom with droopy ears and pale brown eyes. Has lingering feelings for Lilacpetal, but knows his place in her life and is respectful of her boundaries. 9/9 lives left.

Cloverleaf - Light gray-brown tabby she-cat with warm brown eyes. Mourns deeply for her missing mate, and tends to be partial towards Lightningeye due to the fact that he looks like his father.

Medicine Cat
Lilacpetal - Small white she-cat with brown markings and lilac-colored eyes. Feels resentfulness and doubt towards herself because of Fleetstep’s death, but hides it due to her pride. Raging asexual.
Medicine Cat Apprentice
Berrypaw - Slender brown tabby she-cat with patches of blueish-gray and blind golden eyes. Determined to help sick cats after watching her mother die of illness.

Spirit of the Land
Lumen - The spirit of light and life. Service he provides is collecting herbs, and special perk is that he can revive a dying cat with a 10-day cooldown period.
Spirit Cat

Reedsplash (Fisher) - Small brown tabby tom with golden eyes. Has been in deep depression since Fleetstep died.
Lightningeye (Land hunter) - Tuxedo cat tom with brown eyes, bright golden streaks on the side of his face and silver stripes on his lower back and tail. Feels as though it was his fault Goosepaw disappeared.

Boulderpaw (Sunkenstar) - Large brown tabby tom with patches of blueish-gray and golden eyes. Has a diligent no-nonsense attitude, and tries his best to be the mature, level-headed one of his siblings.
Ripplepaw (Lightningeye) - Large dappled blueish-gray she-cat with patches of pale grayish-brown and golden eyes. Was born with a weak constitution. Typically non-confrontational, and will always make the most peaceful choices possible.
Squeezepaw (Cloverleaf) - Small dappled blueish-gray tom with patches of pale grayish-brown and golden eyes. Most immature of his siblings, and doesn’t know how to deal with his emotions properly. Ever since the death of his mother, he has been pushing everyone else away with his sharp attitude.




StormStar - Former Spirit Cat and Leader. Fate unknown; got taken away by a Twoleg. Tuxedo-patterned tom with one blue eye and one golden eye, as well as bright golden streaks on the side of his face.
Fleetstep - Former warrior. Died to an illness contracted from fleas. Thick-furred blueish-gray she-cat with golden eyes.

Mated Pairs



A lil drawing I did of Cloverleaf and her deceased mate, Stormstar! This is the first time I've ever properly drawn cats in a while, so I'm pretty proud of this one, even if it is a little sloppy. I'll probably do the other cats too, at one point.

Sleepy kitties :3

Poor Goosepaw...he was left all alone without knowing what was going on. :"(
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#453 Old 6th Jun 2018 at 5:38 PM
Default Update #4 ~ RootClan
Cries of alarm rang clear throughout the RootClan camp. Even from where he stood shocked, all the way on the other side of the clearing, the slender tom could hear Lilystalk's despair-filled shouts and Fernclaw's desperate hisses as the commotion went on in the nursery.

Eaglefang burst through the camp entrance, Mousepaw close behind.

"What's going on?!" the burly tom demanded, long fur standing on end. His apprentice and son stood quietly at his side, eyes wide and startled.

"I-I don't know." the other warrior stammered, "I just got back from hunting, and heard Lilystalk yowling."

Ears folding back, the larger of the three barreled forward, brow furrowing in concern. The taller tom ran after him, Mousepaw at his side, and felt a deep churning in his gut. What had happened to his mate while he was gone? Had the kits already arrived so soon? Gulping and swiping a tongue over his muzzle, he ducked into the nursery, greeted by potent fear scent and the distraught voices of the she-cats inside.

"Hold his mouth open! I have medicine, I can save him!" spat Fernclaw, eyes wide and manic. The pale white-brown she-cat at her paws scrabbled to pry open the jaws of the limp brown scrap at her belly, watching in fear as the medicine cat chewed up a rainbow beetle and pushed the remains down the kit's throat. Lying next to the lifeless tom was another kit, loudly mewing and very much alive in contrast to his littermate. The tuxedo-patterned tom's breath constricted tightly in his throat when his gaze landed upon them, chest suddenly aching like a cruel weight was pushing down on it.

Even after what felt like forever, the kit didn't stir.

Lilystalk's brown gaze met his, eyes gleaming with disbelief and loss. "Goosefang...o-our kit..."



- Two strangers have stumbled in on RootClan territory: one introduces herself as Lily and the other introduces himself as Goosepaw.(oooooooooOOOoOOooOOoooH) Although hesitant at first, Glazestar reluctantly allows them to join after they help Mousekit calm down during a night terror.

- Lily has been renamed to Lilystalk. Goosepaw was apprenticed to Thicketcloud, and renamed to Goosefang in his warrior ceremony.

- Mousekit has turned six moons old and has been apprenticed to Eaglefang. He is now Mousepaw.

- Lilystalk and Goosefang have become mates. They have two kits: both toms, one stillborn. Fernclan attempts to save the stillborn kit with a rainbow beetle, but cannot due to the fact that rainbow beetles do not work on cats that have already died. The living kit is named Badgerkit, and the dead one Bearkit.



looks like goosepaw didn't die after all! and lily has made her return to the story, since i liked her too much just to leave her out forever. and they had kits! but one of them died.

i'm sad that they didn't have any she-kits though. too many toms in this clan, oof




Glazestar - Elderly gray she-cat with brown eyes. 5/9 lives left. Overly paranoid and obsessed with keeping prey and medicine stocked, wanting no cat under her leadership to feel the pain of starvation ever again.

Eaglefang (Guard) - Large brown tabby tom with white patches. His eyes are multicolored, one amber and one bright green. Seems to be particularly aggressive towards snakes, due to the fact that Thicketcloud was once bitten by a poisonous one.

Medicine Cat
Fernclaw - Mottled brown she-cat with golden eyes and a bobcat tail. Tired of everyone’s nonsense, but is very loving nonetheless. Is usually seen as everyone’s sister or mother figure in the Clan. Tried her hardest to revive Bearkit, even using up a rainbow beetle, despite the fact that he was already dead and there was nothing she could’ve done.
Medicine Cat Apprentice

Spirit of the Land
Ivy - Spirit of poison and spite. Special ability is that, if requested, she can plant poison into an area of choice, which will spread to all of the wildlife there.
Spirit Cat

Thicketcloud (Hunter) - Handsome mottled gray tom with a bobcat tail. Tends to be an overly-doting father, sometimes to the point where it gets incredibly annoying.
Goosefang (Guard) - Slender, partly-tuxedo patterned tom with brown eyes and a large patch of brown on his back from the neck-down. He also has bright golden streaks on the side of his face. Has a deep fear of being forgotten like he believes StormClan did, and misses his Clanmates and family dearly. Very spiteful and holds huge grudges.

Mousepaw (Eaglefang) - Small black and white tom with brown eyes. Straightforward with his feelings and incredibly curious at times. Prone to night terrors.

Lilystalk (Hunter) - Pale brown she cat with subtle darker brown markings. Very breezy and laid-back, usually uncomfortable in serious conversations or situations. Has the patience of a saint, when she feels like it.

Badgerkit (Lily x Goose) - Born healthy. Black and brown tuxedo-patterned tom, with a large white patch on the back of his neck and golden eyes. Tail has faint gray stripes.


Brackenheart - Died of starvation. Former elder -- Glazestar’s mate, Fernclaw and Thicketcloud’s father.
Bearkit - Stillborn. Former kit -- eldest of Goosefang and Lilystalk’s litter.

Mated Pairs
Eaglefang/Thicketcloud - Mousepaw
Lilystalk/Goosefang - Badgerkit

A sickly kit shall start a battle needlessly.



Glazestar checking on her grandson :3

The cats having a meal.

Some nice, wholesome EagleThicket :')

Lilystalk doesn't wanna hug : (


Mousepaw's birthday! He grew up quite handsomely.

Mousepaw's first hunt!
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#454 Old 10th Jun 2018 at 8:14 AM
Default Test
Hey thread, ignore this post if you see it, im just testing out images so I can start playing again.

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#455 Old 24th Jun 2018 at 12:46 PM
Hey, thread. I see this challenge hasn't had a reply for about 2 weeks, but I can start playing again! I just moved today, and it's only 8:45 where I am, but I'm pretty tired. Do expect an update on BlossomClan within the next week whilst I get things set up.
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24th Jun 2018 at 2:46 PM
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24th Jun 2018 at 2:47 PM
This message has been deleted by Catsoda. Reason: Had to do a remake :P
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25th Jun 2018 at 1:44 AM
This message has been deleted by Catsoda. Reason: I give up -_-
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#456 Old 28th Jun 2018 at 7:27 AM
Hey everyone, I'm back. So my images are working, and I have started my winter holidays, so expect an update from BlossomClan for the first time in like over a month lol. Bye!
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#457 Old 30th Jun 2018 at 10:02 AM
Default Update #13 ~ BlossomClan
Hey y'all! I have another update, after weeks and weeks, so I hope you like it! This update is a bit short, but they will get more lengthy in the future. Hope you enjoy!


~ Sadly, Lightkit got sick, and will be spending a day in the med den.

~ Ospreywind has revealed that the father of her two newborns, Nightkit and Oakkit, is Alderpelt. Much of the clan was surprised, as Alderpelt would never be the "dad" type, and that they knew nothing of her mate and kits before that morning.

~ Hunting for the kits at home!

~ Hazelpounce caught a rainbow beetle while she was hunting for prey! The stockpile is doing well.

~ Today, as there was no food in the prey pile at dawn, a hunting patrol of Leopardclaw, Gullflight, and Alderpelt was sent to the newly claimed territory. They did pretty well, and caught approx. 12 prey items before heading back home.

~ In the afternoon, three of the kits were playing near camp borders under the surveillance of Blossomstar when a fox caught their scent and attacked camp! Blossomstar rushed to protect the kits and engaged in a fight with the fox, and won, but the fox's sheer size and power was a match for her skill, and she lost a life. The fox fled after Gullflight and Blazespark arrived after hearing distressed calls. She is currently in the medicine den, and is healing safely.

~ Blossomstar after the battle

~ Despite the afternoon events, it was a quiet night in BlossomClan camp. Hopefully, tomorrow won't be as hectic as today...


Blossomstar ~ A muscular, fluffy she-cat with brown splodges and one green and one pink eye. (Spirit cat)

Beestem ~ A strong, largely built tom with beige fur, a stub tail, a white underbelly, white socks, yellow eyes, and black stripes.

Blazespark ~ A bright orange she-cat with brown tabby stripes, amber/yellow eyes, and white socks.

Gullflight ~ A thick-furred white tom with black spots on his back, dark paw pads, and dark brown eyes.

Leopardclaw ~ A thick-furred, mid brown tom with darker brown splotches and emerald green eyes, and a dark tail end.

Alderpelt ~ An orangey-brown tom with long, thin fur and blackish-brown stripes on his back, white belly and socks, and bright blue eyes.

Hazelpounce ~ A thin, deep brown she-cat with bright yellow eyes, black paws/forearms, and black tipped ears.

Blossomstar ~ A muscular, fluffy she-cat with brown splodges and one green and one pink eye. (Spirit cat)

Ospreywind ~ A black she-cat with a rich white underbelly, tail tip, and feet, feint grey splodges on her back, and bright amber eyes.


Deerkit ~ A strong, medium-brown she-kit with leopard patterned fur, black feet, brown face stripes, and bright green eyes.

Aspenkit ~ A deep brown she-kit with a beige face and underbelly, sharp ears, and one green and one yellow eye.

Breezekit ~ A fluffy, cream-white she-kit that has a stub tail, grey stripes, bright pink eyes, and strange purplish-pink markings on her upper back.

Lightkit ~ A thin white tom with faint grey stripes, a beige splodge on his head, black paws, and yellow eyes.

Wildkit ~ A strong beige tom with brown socks and splotches on his face and back, brown tail tip, and green eyes.

Nightkit ~ A very fluffy, large, thick furred tom with white face stripes over a black pelt, a white chest, socks, faint stripes on his back, and amber-brown eyes.

Oakkit ~ A muscular she-kit with chestnut brown fur, faint grey and dark brown stripes over her flank and right front paw, grey face stripes, a dark brown tail, and bright amber eyes.



"Beware, for as leaf-fall approaches, the summer blossom shall wilt, and havoc will ensue."


~ Mates ~

Hazelpounce x Leopardclaw (Hazelclaw)

Blossomstar x Beestem (Blossomstem)

Ospreywind x Alderpelt (Ospreypelt)

~ Siblings ~

Blossomstar and Gullflight

Deerkit and Aspenkit

Breezekit, Lightkit, and Wildkit

Nightkit and Oakkit


Hazelpounce and Leopardclaw had one litter:

Litter 1:
- Deerkit
- Aspenkit

Blossomstar and Beestem had one litter:

Litter 1:
- Breezekit
- Lightkit
- Wildkit

Ospreywind and Alderpelt had one litter:

Litter 1:
- Nightkit
- Oakkit

CAT STATUSES: (green is good, yellow is slightly injured/sick, orange is moderately injured/sick, red is severely injured/sick)

Blossomstar -
Beestem -
Blazespark -
Gullflight -
Leopardclaw -
Alderpelt -
Hazelpounce -
Ospreywind -
Deerkit -
Aspenkit -
Breezekit -
Lightkit -
Wildkit -
Nightkit -
Oakkit -

We have another update, #13! Im really happy now that I've done this update, as I felt really guilty for not doing it. More frequent updates for the next 2 weeks, at least, due to holidays, will come from me. Anyway, as always, until next time, BYE!!!
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The moon was at it's highest in the dark star filled night, it's glowing light being the only source of light for the three apprentices that were currently sitting in a open glade."Come on show us" Pressured Fernpaw the look of curiosity present in her eyes. "My power? No! I can't do that...I'll get in trouble with Cherryears or worse Amberblaze!" said Rosepaw her tail flicked with nervousness," In fact we shouldn't even be out here without our mentors, We should go back before we are caught." "Oh calm down Rosy no one is going to come out here in this time of night, and I made sure they couldn't find us not even our grumpy badger dad won't be able to find us." reassured Swiftpaw, who shared the same curiosity as Fernpaw. "I really don't know about this though. I'm still trying to figure out this new ability, and I haven't practice a lot on it" Rosepaw muttered. Before the she-cat could utter another word Swiftpaw jump in and shoved his muzzle at Rosepaw's face," which makes tonight the perfect time to practice. So come on let's see it already!" "Swift calm down, look Rosy how about you show a small bit of your power" Fernpaw meowed shoving her brother out of Rosepaw's face. The cream tortie point didn't reply for a few moments before letting out a sigh "Just a small bit and that it, and then we are heading back to camp". With out letting the other apprentices speak. She took a deep breath and started to focus on a small sapling nearby. The small patches of faded green on the she-cat's coat began to glow a bright leaf- green and started to sprout tiny little plants across her body, The siblings stared in awe at their sister. The sapling that was in the ground suddenly grew into a large fully grown Lime tree. "Wow" Gasped in union Fernpaw and Swiftpaw. "That's not all that I can do" She smirked and flecked her now green ringed tail at the lime tree. The tree began to shrink but morphed into a complete different plant, and took on the form of an Wolfbane plant. As the plant was finished with it's change, the glowing green patch's on Rosepaw's pelt stopped and faded back to it's original color. "Cherryear's says this is only the basic of what a Spirit of the land cat can do" she panted exhaustion taking over her. "I feel l- Light headed I think I-I need to la- lay down for a bi- bit" She gasped, "Ugh Mouse dung" The she-cat collapsed on the ground her body slamming the grassy floor. "Ah what do we do! she just fainted" Yowled Swiftpaw, his eyes shot up in alarm. Before Fernpaw can speak burst of flames came from the wolfbane plant it's smoky scent drifting over to the apprentice. "We need to get Rosy out of here!" She shouted her eyes widen and her body shaking like a leaf," Help me carry her out of the forest." Swiftpaw noticed the fear in her eyes something he have never seen before not even the time when a badger snuck into camp did she even show the hint of fear. Fernpaw grabbed her sister's scuff trying to drag her but let go when Swiftpaw ducked underneath Rosepaw and tried to lift her up along with the help of Fernpaw. The two apprentice ran out of the forest the scent of smoke and fire hanging heavily in the air. As soon as they where out of the forest they gently laid their now fainted sister down. "The clan! The other's are still asleep at camp" Yowled Swiftpaw. "Go warn them you the fastest out of all of us" she ordered her tone filled with concern and fear. Swiftpaw let out a small nod and dash back into the slowly burning forest. "Oh Starclan let them be okay" She whispered. She glanced at Rosepaw and put her tail on her warm body a sigh escaping her muzzle.


Finally I get around to posting, sorry I haven't been posting in a while still work on some other clan's territory still but I am so what done with Owlclan. I still need to add more lots to their territory and stuff. and this is the result of testing out my new generators, one of my generators rolled for a forest fire, and I rolled another on how it started it said that it was one of the spirit cats (Which is rare like it had to literally roll the number one to happen) who started so I rolled again for that cat and landed on little Rosy poor rose. Only 1 moon in her apprenticeship and starting up fires. Well I did say she would struggle with her powers in an earlier post and yeah she still has her rolls for fainting until for 2 more moons. Of course next post will be from Pineclan where time there is more late so it can match up with the timeline with the other clans. Also I changed some cat's personality a just a small bit nothing character changing and I'm working on some character designs. Like making Drifty less blue and more grey and maybe giving him tabby markings. And I'll be going on a family trip this week so won't be posting until next week most likely. I might be able to sneak online and post something. See yeah in next update.
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Default Rock clan!
Ok people, I gave up on ground clan bc I LOST THE FRIGGIN SAVE FILE.
Hopefully rockclan will be ok ;^;
So, Welcome to RockClan, a clan surrounded by rocks.

Leader: Cotton`Star ( A pure white, fluffy tom with blue eyes ) Lives left: 9/9
Deputy: Lavender`Breeze ( I don't know how to describe her please don't hate me for this )
Medicine cat: Ginger`Claw ( A orange tabby with a white belly, chest and muzzle, along with eyes that match lavender`breeze's )
Medicine Apprentice: N/A
Apprentices: N/A
Elders: N/A
Kits: N/A
Warriors: Adder`Lake ( A Ginger tom with adder blotches all over him ) and Night`Fur ( A female twin of Cotton`Star but black with yellow eyes )
Mated pairs
Cotton`Star x Night`Fur ( CottonNight )

Lavender`Breeze and Ginger`Claw
That's all I have to say! See ya guys tommorow!
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13th Jul 2018 at 6:53 AM
Default Rockclan update
This message has been deleted by Catsoda. Reason: I gave up on this challenge, and read my latest post.
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20th Jul 2018 at 11:09 AM
Default Rockclan Update #2 ( yes, I got inspiration from people :P )
This message has been deleted by Catsoda. Reason: I gave up on this challenge, and read my latest post.
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Im sorry....
Im sorry, I've given up on this challenge.
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29th Jul 2018 at 7:01 PM
This message has been deleted by Quietsea.
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Originally Posted by Catsoda
Im sorry, I've given up on this challenge.

Hey it's okay I understand if you don't want to do the challenge anymore. There is no reason to apologize.
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Default Switching accounts
My old account Flight's wings is account I have been using for a while but I'm don't really like anymore so I will be using this account to continue for the rest of my challenge. Just wanted to post this so no one gets confused. and i'll be doing another post sometime this week
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#463 Old 2nd Aug 2018 at 4:39 AM
Hi everyone. You might remember someone named VictoryChan who used to post a while back. That's me! I made a new account because I wanted a fresh start. I'll be creating a Clan soon, so I hope you look forward to it! <:
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The leaves of a juniper tree parted way to make room for a blue pointed tom and a ginger pointed queen, The tom let out a snort as he enter camp, his mate Dayflower close to his side. "How hard is it for you three to catch some food into the prey pile?!" Snarled a silver tabby tom his tail lashing out in anger. "I-I-I "The black tom with faded stripes started but was quickly cut off by the silver tom. "Excuses that all you ever do is make excuses. You never catch enough prey to support the clan. I don't know why Driftstar even keeps you around, your so useless that you can't even stand on your own paws." He hissed shoving his muzzle towards the other tom's face. "Oh will you shut up already. No cat need's to hear another one of your rants." Snapped a Blue tortie she-cat who had walked outside the nursery. "Halfstream how can you allow your warrior to continuedly bring back meager scrapes of prey. It seems you lower your standards quiet drastically after you had kits. But than again I guess you always been a pushover." snort Silverflame. The she-cat marched her way to the tom her tail lashing in anger as she spat, "How dare you talk to me like that! Your one to say after Applepetal died, you weren't even bring back much prey either. Since all you ever did during that time is mop and cry the clan a river." A snarled formed between the tom's muzzle as he hissed," Which was caused by Waspshine, If he never had kits with Applepetal, Then my sister would still be alive." "Is that what all this is about that She-cat?" Yawned Driftstar. His pointed blue tail curling around his paws as he sat in front of the group. "I's been 3 moons now I can't believe you still haven't gotten over her." he grunted his blue gaze focus on Waspshine and Silverflame. "She my mate I won't be able to get over her" gasped Waspshine. "I can't just go over the death of my sister so soon" Silverflame meowed his voice hinted of sorrow. "You best move on or you two will be drowning in your own sorrow." Said Dayflower who was now sitting next to Halfstream. "Waspshine I want to see you bring more prey to the prey pile until then you will be the last one to eat. As for you Silverflame you will be helping the night stalkers with hunting until Halfstream says you can stop." Waspshine dipped his head and nod while Silverflame let out a yowl of protest but quickly let out a pained meow as Dayflower unsheathed her claws and smacked him on the ear while giving a hiss of disapproval. "Don't argue with your leader Fluff -brain." She growled. A small smirk was present on the leader's face at his mate's action as he spoke, "After all your concern with the lack of prey coming through, this should make you happy." Silverflame let out a disgruntled meowed before nodding and accepting his punishment. Just as Halfstream open her muzzle to talk, A dark ginger classic tabby tom burst through the entrance letting out gasps "Sparrowlight? what's going on" Ordered Driftstar padding up to the tom. "Fire! Fire near Owlclan and it's spreading towards Lightclan!" Before any cat could react to the news Driftstar was barking out orders to gather the kits and get everyone out of camp. Cat's fled out their dens some helping with the kits while other were order to help with the herbs. After every cat could get what they need the clan-cats made their way to the meeting place. A place where all three clan leader's meet underneath the full moon. Alongside the fact that the fire can't reach them. At the meeting place they were greet by the members of Owlclan.


Here is the post that I promised. And there is a little bit of a delay when transiting from clan to clan. But yeah the fire spreads more quickly thanks' to the powers of a sprite of the land cat. And Lilyclan won't be affected since they don't have that many trees and the one they have are very spaced apart so the fire isn't going to touch them. But next post for them will be see how the clan react to having to stay with another clan. and yea Silverflame still morning over the lost of his sister. alongside Waspshine. And I did change Driftstar's personality and made him a little bit insensitive to interclan news. He loves his clan like any other leader. he just can't stand his warriors be overemotional to him that brings a clan down. Also Dayflower some how became best friends with Halfstream. (Which I think is cute) And small hint as to why Driftstar picked Dayflower as a mate. As for the kits in the clan I did redesigned them again because I wasn't into their first design anymore. I'll post some pic of it after I'm done with Leopardkit. And since it been three months which is probably like 3 weeks in game time. and that means that Patchkit would be maybe 4 or 5 months old now since he is the youngest out of the bunch. Also in Lilyclan we will be seeing something lovely happen to Leappaw and co. Until next update!
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"So will send two patrols out to gather prey, and tomorrow will send one to see if the fire is gone." Repeated a ginger ticked tabby she-cat. A blue pointed tom and the another tom next to him nodded. "Yes Amberblaze, will have to work together to make up for the cats trapped in the fire." Driftstar muttered. "Indeed, Ripplestar, Sunstrike, Dawnpool, and Swiftpaw weren't behind us when we run out of the fire." She sighed. "I sorry, but if any cat needs a medicine cat Runningleg said he will be willing to help." He meowed. "Thank you, well I better organized a patrol and send them to the areas that haven't caught on fire." She grunted. "And Rapidstride will send his after yours returns." Said Driftstar. Amberblaze just gave a nod and padded away. She quietly padded towards the make shift nursery, her gaze scanning for a familiar pointed cinnamon pointed she-cat. The she-cat tail was wrapped around a cinnamon tonkinese tom. "Dayflower? How is Patchkit?" asked Amberblaze her eyes landing on the small kitten. "You don't have to call me by my name sis, and your nephew is doing fine. None of the queens or kits got hurt in the fire." she purred. Dayflower flicked her tail towards a spot of grass near her. Amberblaze quietly sat down next to it. "So are you ever going to tell him he has an aunty?" questioned the Owlclan deputy. "When he becomes an apprentice I'll tell him... When you go patrol can you find a blue tail lizard? That's Patchkit's favorite prey." "Sure thing sis," said Amberblaze her eyes scanning the clearing. " You can take Sparrowlight and Mistbreeze. Those two work quiet will together on hunting trips and usually bring back a good amount of prey." Suggest the pointed she-cat. "Okay, then I'll take my two friendliest cats with me, Littlefeather and Crookedfur. These Littlefeather brings back the most prey and Crookedfur brings back a decent amount." She added. "So I heard some of Owlclan's members are stuck at camp. " Dayflower muttered. "Yes is true Ripplestar, Dawnpool, Sunstrike, and Swiftpaw are stuck in camp currently. Hopefully the Cherryears and Hailsky can put out the fire." She sighed. The ticked tabby felt exhaustion creep over her as she laid next to her sister. "They should be able to, though they didn't say how the fire started. " she spoke. " I just hope to starclan that our territory isn't to damaged." She grunted. Amberblaze gave her sister a comforting lick on the ear before telling her a quick goodbye and setting off to gather cats for the first hunting patrol in their temporarily territory.
Okay sorry for the late post but school has been a mess and just been busy and almost barley have time to post. But it looks like we discovered something from this post is that Amberblaze has a sister Dayflower! And she gets to meet her nephew for the second time. The first time is when she went to deliver a message to the Lightclan deputy. And yes they are still a clan that switches their clan names depending on the time. Such's as they are Lightclan during the day but prefer to be called Darkclan during the night. Anyway I tried out my new generator last post and it said that The Owlclan leader, Swiftpaw, Sunstrike, and The medince cat got trapped in the fire and both got injured well except for Ripple he got something way worse. anyways next post will probably be the clans speed up two days and now are leaving the gathering place. then after that we get some more Whitestar, and Kittens! Until next update
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Despite this thread being sorta dead according to my browser, I just started this challenge and wanted to share what has happened

Clan: Leafclan
leader: Leafstar- thick furred brown tabby she-cat
Deputy: Whitepelt- thick furred pure white furred tom with a stub tail

Flowerpelt- Pure white she-cat
Fireheart (yes I know its a matching name to the books XD) -Ginger tabby tom with a pointed face
Olivefoot- Pure dark grey fluffy tom
Mosscliff- dark grey tabby tom




Silentkit- tiny deaf she-cat with white tabby fur
Mistkit-White tabby she-cat with a brown patch on back
Bumblekit- large fluffy tom with a smush face and pure white fur

Leafstar and Whitepelt are mates
Flowerpelt and Mosscliff are mates

That's all I got right now
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#467 Old 19th Sep 2018 at 1:53 AM
yeah, it is kind of dead.
i have played my clan but i uhh... wrote 0 things down oops.
i'll introduce my cats soon though! ^^
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#468 Old 29th Sep 2018 at 10:47 AM Last edited by BunnyCola : 29th Sep 2018 at 11:34 AM.
I just finished reading the second series of the Warrior books (The New Prophecy) so this challenge really intrigued me.
My clan is called SmellyClan.
For this clan, I added a few strays to my household, and randomized their traits.
Here they are (I may add pictures later, when I figure out how to haha)


Leader: GarbageStar: A tan and white fluffy she-cat with amber eyes, and a bob tail
Deputy: Trashpelt: A short furred grey tom with green eyes (He is Skunkpaw's mentor)
Medicine Cat: Foultongue: An orange and white tom with yellow eyes
Warrior: Ickytail: A golden spotted tabby she-cat with yellow eyes
Apprentice: Skunkpaw: A scruffy looking black tom, with white legs, and a white stripe going up his forehead. He has blue eyes (He was an abandoned kit that the clan took in)
Elder: Maggotbreath: A white she-cat with a bob tail, and amber eyes (GarbageStar's sister)

So far, things are going pretty good in SmellyClan, except for the fact that Maggotbreath, and GarbageStar keep fighting, also, Trashpelt and GarbageStar also got into a fight, could the clan be planning mutiny? XD

Ickytail and Trashpelt just had three daughters together, they are all grey with darker spots, their names are Stinkykit, Barfkit, and Vomitkit
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The forest has stopped burning thanks to some twoleg putting it out with these weird water shooting odd looking sticks. The good news there camp wasn't damage. Yet this was a forest fire so something has to be damaged. But Driftstar could never imagine that every territory they have claimed was damaged. Trees have fallen on top of each other, the fishing pound was covered in soot and dried burnt grass. "Starclan" a gasped slivered out of his muzzle as he gaze at land. "This is one of the worst forest fires I ever seen in my life." Hailsky gulped his normally relaxed eyes shot up in surprise. "How in starclan can we hunt in this mess." Yowled Halfstream her short pelt fluffed up. When the Darkclan cats returned to their camp and search the territories they were met with this.. Burnt, ash covered, and barely green land. "Will figure it out." meowed Dayflower who was sitting next to her mate. "Everything looks so creepy" gulped Patchkit, the once bravo tom underneath his mother's belly. "Is this what fire can do?" Stammer Waspkit. "We should leave it's not safe here." Bellowed Wolfkit his spotted short pelt fluffing up twice it's size. "Non-sense we are not leaving our home. I'm sure we just have to find some new territory and hunt in areas that have not been damaged by the fire." Driftstar said gently. Before switching to a stern voice and ordering cats around him to go out and find any scrap of territory that the fire hasn't destroyed. "Hailsky, does your power restore territory?" Asked Driftstar. "Maybe there is a spell were any living thing can be healed, it' might work on some of our land." answer the pointed tom," Not sure if we have the items to create the spell to get it to work. And we can't go to Cherryears or her apprentice Rosepaw since they are busy enough as it is repairing their side of the forest." "Then Me and a group of warriors can go down and search for the items you seek. We need our forest back." meowed Rapidstride the golden brown spotted tabby tom better known as Darkclan deputy. "Of course we do need our forest to do some proper hunting but we can't afford to send warriors out yet, right now we need to find a new territory so that the clan can be properly feed tonight."


This update shows the aftermath of the fire which none of the clans know who started it. Well only four cats know who started it. I would have shown you pictures of the territory but I forget so i'm just going to show it next update. Hailsky finally becomes useful in this clan besides laying around and sleeping all the dang time. Lazy cat. But yeah Hailsky is basically a wizard cat or something like that and he can get these spells/potions/whatever wizard stuff and use it to the clan's benefits.
Well typically a spirit cat duty is to serve the clan and not use it for their own benefits. Well next clan we are going to spend time is with Lilyclan. until next update
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#470 Old 6th Oct 2018 at 10:11 PM
hello all! i'm finally going to update today ^^
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#471 Old 7th Oct 2018 at 3:14 AM
My cats were at a gathering, and a meteor hit, I guess they said something that StarClan didn't like XD
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I Decided to start this challenge, so here it is.
I downloaded survival island, and my first clan lives up in the mountains, thus named Mountain clan.
the leader is MountainStar, and her mate and deputy is named StonePath. the medicine cats is named CrystalGaze. As this is the first clan, there is no cats in starclan yet.
Anyways, onto progress!
With such cold weather in the mountains, there a are no plants in Mountain Clan territory. the clan relies off of healing bugs and rodents that CrystalGaze catches
Two Kits were just born to MountainStar And Stone Path. One she-cat and one tom. The she cat is named ViperKit and the tom named HawkKit. With it being so cold in the mountains, there is no summer. A short spring a fall and a long winter is all there is. The Two parents are hunting hard to feed the clan, traveling far and wide to find prey. Not only is there little prey though, there is also many predators, bears mountain lions, and even the deadly snow leopard. Wolves howl at the moon at night, and traveling far from camp is dangerous but necessary to find enough prey. The the leader and the deputy hunting and the medicine cat searching for medical bugs and prey, the kits aren't watched much. With fall starting, hungry birds of prey circle above.
Ironically, HawkKit was nearly carried away by a hawk. He just barely managed to get away, but MountainStar is worried about what could happen next but, what better: Have the medicine cat watch the kits and risk everybody get sick without anything to heal them, leave them alone and risk them getting carried off by hawks or bears or wolves or anything else, or she or her mate watch them and starve? With so few cats, tight resources, sacrifices must be made.
MountainClan Allegiance
Leader: MountainStar
Deputy: StonePath
MedCat: CrystalGaze
medcat app: N/P
Warriors: N/P
Apprentices: A/P
Queens: MountainStar
Kits: ViperKit (She-cat)
HawKit (tom)
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#473 Old Yesterday at 10:31 PM

so i kinda vanished. But, my clan kinda did the same. I did a system clean on my computer and i accidentally deleted some documents i had for the clan SO im gonna restart.
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